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Apple Releases iOS 7.0.2 Update – Doesn’t Fix Audiobook Bug

6972679104_67d96656e3[1]Apple released a second update for iOS7 yesterday but it didn’t fix all the issues.

While this latest update does fix a couple serious issues, including the lockscreen bypass bug, it also leaves an existing audiobook bug unresolved. A number of iThing owners have been reporting that iOS7 is missing audiobook chapter headings:

iOS 7 seems to have removed the ability to view individual audiobook chapters in the music app. It has also replaced the chapter length with the length of the entire book in the time scrubber. When tapping the top right-hand corner to access the list of chapters, now it only shows one file for the whole book, whereas before it listed all the chapters, just like it lists all the songs in an album.

The earliest reports came in over a week ago, and over a hundred different people have confirmed the initial report. One even added an updated yesterday which informs us that iOS7.0.2 does not fix the bug.

Needless to say this is a serious issue. It’s not unusual for an audiobook to be 8 or 10 hours long, or even longer. That is simply too long to search for when trying to find a specific location, so listeners have been using the chapter divisions in order to simplfy navigation.

There’s been no word from Apple on when this issue will be fixed, but I do know that Apple is planning to release more updates to iOS7 in the near future. Until then, you might want to try switching back to one of these:


Snarky comments aside, I have also been told that the Audible app for iPad and iPhone doesn’t have this feature either so that option is out.

Thanks @mdash for the tip!

image by p_a_h, Sean MacEntee


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Rick September 30, 2013 um 10:05 am

updated to ios 7.0.2 and it just jams all downloaded books together……….sucks the big one

iphone 5 user

had no problems before this update………….might have to go to a different phone….

Joanna October 7, 2013 um 11:45 am

Ah! So glad to see I am not totally inept technologically. Navigation has been a serious problem! I am I extremely frustrated with the entire OS7 and wish I could downgrade to OS6.14. One of my sons is not going to do the upgrade. Don’t like the interface at all. Also, it is very difficult to use the scroll bar. It jumps instead of glides to move back and forward in the book "text". The delete feature might not be the best idea for clumsy folks. I’d rather delete from iTunes. I go in and out of iTunes anyway to download books from the app. Anyone having problems with their iPhone staying connected to iTunes? I’m not having any problems with the books jamming together.

Imran October 16, 2013 um 8:25 pm

The iOS Audible app does have the ability to view chapters.

JuddMan November 5, 2013 um 9:20 am

Good luck guys, they did this to us iPad users a year ago with iOS 6, and never did fix it.

If you have Audible audiobooks, then chapters are available, but only if you download the books from within the app itself.

MacD November 28, 2013 um 4:16 am

Apple should be ASHAMED of the iOS crap they are turning out lately.
They have had three iOS updates to get the "Audiobook Chapter Text" issue resolved …. and they still can’t get it done right. iOS4 was the last iOS that "Audiobook Chapters" could read the actual text of the chapter title.

Apple employees, you are working for a company that seems like it just can’t get it’s act together anymore, since the passing of Steve Jobs. Jobs never would have let you get away with the crappy GUI on the newer "Audiobook Chapter Text" issues.

FIX THE AUDIOBOOK CHAPTER TEXT?TITLE READING ABILITY … it’s not rocket science, you had it once … just bring it back like you had it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Jackson November 19, 2014 um 1:27 pm

I recently bought an Apple 7 ipod .. only for listening to audiobooks .. and up until recently I could skip back chapters .. NOW I have to skip back a whole TRACK which could be 20 minutes worth of listening ..
The ipod was very expensive and catered to my needs .. and now .. it has become a real disappointment ..

JERI PORTER April 13, 2017 um 11:28 am

I cannot delete any audiobooks from my Ipod 7.0. The delete feature is grayed out and I will eventually run out of room. I need to be able to delete audiobooks i have already listened to from the ipod.

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