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Apple to release iWater

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The apple fanboys at Scoopertino have turned up this new piece of Apple news. They have the product page for the new Apple Water. Move along Dasani. Step aside, fiji. Sayonara, Eva. Apple are here to replace you all.

I bet you’ve heard the expression that there’s something in the water over there? In this case it’s true, and Apple will soon be ready to share that special something with everyone.

Apple Water is indeed an Apple-lover’s dream — pure, clean H2O, captured in Apple-designed containers from the central irrigation spigot at Apple’s corporate headquarters.

Scoopertino  also found some of the licensing details for the water. Just like all iThings, Apple Water is part of a closed ecosystem. When you break the seal you accept a EULA that prohibits refilling the container with tap water, spring water or any unauthorized third-party water.

There’s no word yet on when this product will hit the market, but Scoopertino did find out the prices. A 16-ounce container of Apple Water retails for $9.99. Apple Water Pro, a five-gallon jug, is only $49.99.

via Scoopertino

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