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Aquafadas to launch new app management portal

Aquafadas have just announced a new all-in-one publishing option for interactive apps.

  • Plugins for Adobe® InDesign® for the creation of interactive content based on InDesign files.
  • MyKiosk, an app to test interactive apps
  • AVE Appfactory, an app maker for iOS
  • AVEpublishing

The first 3 components have been around for a while, but the last one is new to me. It’s a Web portal that an app publisher can use to  manage their apps and the interactive content. With the launch of the web portal, you can now do everything from creating the content, making the app to managing your app, all with Aquafadas tools.

The inDesign tools are only available for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 for Mac, but Windows versions are coming. All the tools are free to use,  and that’s because they charge for each app when it’s made.


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