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Archos Want to Sell You a Tablet for Half a Euro a Day

Last Friday I posted about Archos' new plan to help publishers bundle their tablets into subscription plans. Today I found an even more ambitious plan on the part of Archos.

Archos were snubbed last week when the French Ministry of Education announced a new subscription plan for French students. The students can get a 3G equipped tablet, either an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, via Orange for the subsidized rate of 1€ a day. It requires a 2 year subscription and covers the 3G connection as well as the tablet itself.

The snubbing inspired Archos to make a better offer. They’re rather miffed at how expensive the official plan is, so they decided to undercut the official offer with their own plan. They want students to be able to get an Archos tablet for only €.50 a day. They don’t have the official backing of the French government, and they don’t have a network partner yet so I’m not sure that this will come to pass.

The official plan is limited at the moment to only 10 thousand students in France. The Archos offer has no limit, but it also has no partner at the moment.

I really wish someone would offer a deal this good in the US, even if it’s just for students. (My student email still works.) Which would you choose?

On the one side you have the iPad 2 or Samssung Galaxy tab at a price of 730 € for 2 years service, and on the other side is Archos and their cheaper tablets for only 365 €.

If you went for an Archos tablet under this offer, you’d get a 250 € Android tablet running on a dual core CPU with 2 years of 3G service for  an additional 115€. That’s not a bad price.

I’d go for the iPad 2, actually. You’re not going to beleive the retail price the iPad 2 in France. The 16GB+3G model goes for 609 € (vs $629 in the US). This means that a French student is getting a 3G internet connection for only 5 € a month.

Which would you choose?

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