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I am Attending Wordcamp DC this Weekend

This weekend finds me at the Carnegie Library in Washington DC (why posting was light today). I am attending  the first ever WordCamp DC conference.

This three-day event covers all aspects of WordPress from the intensely technical to the beginner’s how-to’s, and attracts everyone from users to developers.

It is impossible to say just how useful this conference was. There wasn’t the time to really learn anything in depth, but I did get enough info on a half-dozen topics that I finally understand what I have been reading online.

If you should get a chance to attend a WordCamp near you (there are a dozen happening around the world each month) and you want to to learn more about WordPress, you should definitely make time to go.

If nothing else it will be a great place to meet local experts you can ask for help.

image by Bobak Ha’Eri

Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

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Anthony July 15, 2017 um 12:42 am

I’ve enjoyed going to WordCamps here in Seattle. Hope you enjoy going!

Nate Hoffelder July 15, 2017 um 10:13 am

Met a bunch of fascinating people, got connected to a bunch of resources I hadn’t heard of, and learned a couple things.

All in all, it’s a net positive.

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