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Audible for iPad and iPhone Updated with New Discover Section, 30-Second Forward Button

audibleAmazon rolled out a new update yesterday for their audiobook app for iOS which added a handful of new features designed to improve the discovery and playback experience as well as a much-needed redesign.

The audible app now features a new discover section which offers a bevy of titles you might want to buy and listen to, and Audible has also improved the search function, enabling listeners to get more info on their next audiobook.

There’s also a new fast forward button which lets listeners jump 30 seconds ahead, making it easier for them to skim an audiobook and find the section that interests them.

And then there’s the new app theme.


Audible has swapped out the existing black/ orange theme (on the left) for a white, lighter, and flatter theme which more closely fits with iOS7. I for one don’t care about the holy flat vs skeuomorphic debate, but the lighter colors are more pleasing on the eye, is it not?

The app is free in iTunes.


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boocat August 29, 2014 um 8:09 pm

Hate the look of the new update. Glaring and too bright. Ugh. Change it back.

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