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Audible "Send this Book" Launches in Germany, and Maybe the UK and France

20573964043_42d6346fc7_hAbout a year and a half ago Audible launched a program that let users share a copy of an audiobook with their friends. That program was opened to all US Audible users in May 2015, and now Send this Book is available in Germany, the UK, and France.

There’s been no formal announcement from Audible, but according to Boersenblatt the service is now live in Germany. In related news, a Reddit user is reporitng that the service has launched in the UK (I am still waiting on confirmation from Audible).

Edit: Send This Book launched in the UK on Friday, 18 November.

Audible users in Germany can now selected one of the audiobooks in their library and send it, along with a personal message, to another Audible user via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email, or WhatsApp. Each user can share up to ten audiobooks, but the recipients can only redeem a single title.

And yes, the gift-giver keeps their copy of the audiobook in their library.

"Recommendations are particularly valuable when they come from friends whose judgment you trust," said Nils Rauterberg, Managing Director of Audible.

Boersenblatt said that more than 500 publishers are part of this new service. They also report that the service is available in France and the UK, but I am still waiting for confirmation of that detail.

Reddit, Boersenblatt

image by AtulSrivastava

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Hannah Steenbock November 18, 2016 um 3:50 am

Interesting. That could be a marketing idea…

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