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An Audio Tour of a New Indie Bookstore

CBC Radio has a satirical take on the growing trend of bookstores devoting less stock to books and replacing them with gewgaws:

Local bookstore Epilogues sells everything you could ever want in a bookstore: candles, globes, themed napkins, globes and pillows that say Live, Laugh, Love.

Of course as a bookstore, they do also have something for readers — Margaret Atwood nesting dolls.

you can listen to the clip below, or on the CBC’s website.

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Mackay Bell April 24, 2017 um 4:32 pm

Very funny! Very much worth a listen. Thanks for sharing!

April 29th is Independent Bookstore Day | The Digital Reader April 25, 2017 um 9:38 am

[…] The last Saturday in April is¬†Independent Bookstore Day, the day e celebrate our favorite sellers of throw pillows and¬†Margaret Atwood nesting dolls. […]

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