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Augen to launch Espresso tablets next year

They posted a teaser on their website which hinted they were working on line of 7″ to 10″ tablets with capacitive multi touch screens. They’re planning to unveil the tablets at CES 2011.

Update: Engadget scored a couple photos and a more complete statement:

Augen is brewing a new exciting 7-10″ Gentouch Espresso line aggressively priced, with a capacitive multi-touch screen and loaded features at CES 2011. We used all the ingredients that you gave us to brew this new espresso line. You have tried our cup of coffee, and soon take a sip of our espresso. The Espresso family line will be priced starting at an MSRP of $199.99 to $399.99 featuring resistive and multi-touch capacitive screens, an improved battery life (up to 10 hours), WiFi, 3 axis accelerometer, more storage space, and much more… Augen is announcing a new proprietary technology preloaded which brings a human factor to our line of PC tablets, which incorporates a form of human friendly input.

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Mike Cane September 1, 2010 um 8:26 am

Optimists, thinking they will be around that long. They expect their current lineup to make money?!

Scott Lewis September 1, 2010 um 10:12 am

I’m not sure that’s a great strategy. Current models reviewed poorly, iPad sales still seem fairly strong, tons of BIG NAME companies prepping tablets, and they basically said wait a year?

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