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Author Tools to Make Social Selling Easier?

Last month I declared the end of selling ebooks on social networks when Twitter removed its buy buttons. As with any declaration about a market, it comes with multiple exceptions of individual sellers succeeding where the larger market failed.

I was reminded of the exceptions yesterday when a two-month-old Forbes article passed through a mailing list I follow. The piece discussed seven tools authors can use to sell on social media.

The piece skipped over the tools I am more familiar with, Gumroad and, and focused on tools like Nimble:

This may be one of the best, most comprehensive social selling tools available for small businesses. Why? Because it was made specifically for them. And because it’s $25 a month.

Nimble includes a slew of features that more expensive tools usually offer. Those include marketing automation, “deal pipelines” and reporting for them, an app (iPhone or Android), and integration with email. It’ll sync your calendar and contacts, too.

Also of interest: rFactr. Starts at $10 per month.

Other tools mentioned in the article include HootSuite, StoreYa, Start a Fire, BeeTailer,, LinkedIn Sale Navigator, and FollowerWonk.

If you’re looking for additional tools, that is a good list.

But is it complete?

I would like to crowd-source a list of tools authors can use to sell their work direct to customers. Do you know of a tool  which can do that? What is your favorite?

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Karim March 6, 2017 um 7:17 am

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