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Frauke Geuking

Buddha Quotes: 70 Sayings to Think About

The Buddhist way of life is characterized, among other things, by high values and a profound attitude about life. Thus, there are Buddha quotes and wise sayings that deal with values and sentiments such as self-love, strength, or hope.

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Smart Quotes: 90 Clever Sayings to Think About

From ancient times to the present day, well-known and unknown personalities have dealt with life and human existence. In the process, many valuable and profound smart quotes have been created, which can still have great significance today.

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Good morning: 40 quotes to start the day + 4 tips

Good morning quotes are diverse. Whether a love message in the morning or a life wisdom that can accompany through the day. When someone thinks of you in the morning, it’s always a nice feeling. We have compiled the most beautiful good morning sayings to send.

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