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Automattic Launches Medium Importer for

WordPress parent company Automattic has just made it a lot easier for everyone to move their blog from Medium to

They just released an import tool which is designed specifically to accept a Medium export file and use the data to populate a blog.

With the recent news about Medium’s change in business model we’ve been receiving a number of requests from users on how to import their content to a site. We’re excited today to share our new import tool for moving from Medium to

You can find instructions on how to use the import tool on Automattic’s blog post, but the short version is that this tool is only available for (there’s no similar tool for self-hosted sites).

Simply give the import tool the ZIP file you created on your settings pages and it will do the rest.

This won’t capture all of your content from Medium, of course; that service still refuses to let you export the comments and annotations left on your articles.

If I had a Medium blog, I would really want them, but as it stands this tool is still better than a kick in the head.


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