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Ballsy Pirate Site Now Capitalizing on 'The Hunger Games' Movie (

I’ve written about a number of scam & pirate sites in the past couple years, including MyPadMedia, Touch Textbooks, and others. I’ve seen so much that little surprises me anymore.

Which is why I was surprised by the chutzpah of another pirate site today.

The Novel Network is a site that is new to me, and I’m not sure how long they’ve been around. But what caught my attention today was that they were tying in with the first book in The Hunger Games series having hit theaters as a blockbuster movie. The Novel Network is giving away all 3 ebooks in the trilogy.

Needless to say, they don’t have permission to do that.

Here’s the email I received ('m quoting it just in case someone uses it to search in Google):

To celebrate the launch and success of the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games, we have decided to give away all the books in the trilogy for free on our website The Novel Network.

The Novel Network is a free eBook downloading database that provides members with millions of eBooks which they can download and read on any device.

All new members who join The Novel Network this week will not only get access to the millions of eBooks in our database, but also get all the extremely popular Hunger Games books by Suzanne Colins.

Normally when I would get an email like this I would join the site and confirm the scam, but I really don’t think it is necessary in this case. The email alone is enough to damn them.

Also, this site shows the classic signs of several past pirate sites like MyPadMedia and Touch Textbooks. It’s charging a single fee for access, and promising to let you download from millions of ebooks – at no additional cost and on any device (no DRM). Not even Amazon can make that offer, and that is pretty much the best subscription plan for ebooks that consumers can get today.

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charlie dulin April 4, 2012 um 12:19 pm

hahah i just googled them and foudn a whole bunch of "reviews" and "review sites" dedicated to saying how they arent a scam. its really funny check these out

Nate Hoffelder April 4, 2012 um 12:30 pm

Yeah, I snickered over those, too.

greg June 22, 2012 um 5:21 pm

they are thieves they collected my money and promised unlimitedaccess to business books , but the dont have asingle business book

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