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Barnes & Noble Comes to CES 2015, Brings a Lot of Books

For the third year running, Barnes & Noble has come to CES and set up a bookstore in the Grand Lobby of the LVCC. And just like last year, the B&N booth isn’t a B&N booth; it’s branded as Gary’s Book Club, after the head of the CEA. In fact, B&N isn’t even listed as an exhibitor this year (that’s a change from last year).

barnes noble ces 2015 4

You’d think that the head of a gadgets trade group would be more interested in ebooks than old paper books, but I guess there’s still some cachet to getting a paper copy of a tech pundit’s latest book.

If nothing else, there’s still no adequate replacement for an autographed paper book as a keepsake or collectible.

Unless of course you have that pundit sign a mobile device or ereader case (been there, done that).


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