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Barnes & Noble Launches Ad Portal in B&N Press

Barnes & Noble sure likes to send mixed messages. They may have stopped promoting the Nook with in-store signage, but at the same time the B&N Press team is still working to add new features.

I just got an email from B&N Press informing me that they had launched an ad portal as a part of B&N Press. (I had actually been hearing about this for a couple weeks, but I thought the authors had been talking about the ad service on B&N’s main website – the one that never responded to my queries.)

Ads on have, well, I suppose you’d expect me to say something about authors selling ebooks, but in all honesty those adverts have blighted the user experience. For many terms, the search results page no longer shows what I am searching for; instead, all I see are the results that someone paid to show me.

Do you think the same will happen on Barnes & Noble’s website?

Here’s the email:

  • Advertise on via our self-serve advertising portal: We’ve made it easy to create effective campaigns–no marketing or graphic design know-how necessary. Give us your book’s details, and see your book’s ad appear on relevant category and genre pages, seen by customers most likely to become fans.
  • B&N Press is now open to users from Ireland:Please help us spread the word that authors based in Ireland can now start selling their books direct to B&N/NOOK readers in the U.S.

Features deserving of a second mention:

  • B&N Press has partnered with Inkubate, a service that offers writing style reports that compare your writing style to other books in the Inkubate catalog. You can use the Inkubate comparison reports to target readers across different genres, and learn the keywords that readers use to talk about books that share your same writing style. B&N Press authors receive a 30% discount as well as a keyword analysis report, learn more here.
  • We’ve revamped our What’s New page so you can always stay up to date on recently launched new features.
  • eBook Pre-Order no longer requires a placeholder interior file, so you’ll never have to worry that readers will receive anything less than your finished project once it’s ready for release.

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