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Barnes & Noble Rolls Out an Update for the Nook eReader

Barnes & Noble isn’t just remodeling its stores during the pandemic; it’s also updating the Nook.

I was just reading over at MobileRead that B&N has issued an update for the Nook Glowlight 3:

I got an update on my 2015 Glowlight Plus and Glowlight 3.

The updates only said performance improvements and bug fixes. But I’m seeing some small, but nice changes.

On the Nook, I like stacking by author. Previously, if I did that, authors with a single book would show as King, Stephen. But stacked authors would show as Stephen King. With the latest update, all authors now show first name last name. It looks better. Less broken.

Also, on stacked authors if you’ve read some but not all of there books, there is a progress bar.

There’s likely other changes I haven’t noticed. But these little changes are nice.

I can’t find any relevant details on the B&N website, but I am thrilled to see that the Nook isn’t dead.

Have you spotted any changes?

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Thomas Porcello August 16, 2020 um 8:05 pm

They also updated the Glowlight Plus.

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