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Barnes & Noble to Add a Kids Graphic Novel Section

The Beat reports that B&N is adding a YA graphics novel section.

I’ve heard separately from several people in the book world that Barnes & Noble has confirmed that they will be adding a standalone kids graphic novel section to their stores in the near future.

Graphic novels have long had their own section, but the comics sections of B&N’s got much bigger in the Aughts. But kids comics have traditionally been shelved along with regular children’s books, making them harder to find for kids who are specifically looking for them. Publishers have been pushing for a kids GN section in B&N for years but I’m told there was internal resistance for a long time.

The recent explosive growth in the sales of kids graphic novels has made the new section a much more viable idea. You can see the numbers for yourself in our annual Bookscan report. Books-a-Million, the other book chain left in the US, also has a separate section for kids GNs.

That sounds pretty cool. I am looking forward to strolling through that section when B&N holds its closeout sales in February after it declares bankruptcy.

image by Andypiper

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Ros Jackson April 20, 2018 um 6:02 pm

Graphic novels are one of the main reasons I go to brick and mortar book stores. The other reason is for illustrated books and children’s books, although those are rarer purchases for me. I think this will be a smart move for them, until such time as colour e-ink ereaders come down in price to a reasonable level and improve in quality. B&N may not last that long, though.

Chris B April 21, 2018 um 2:32 pm

You are looking forward to a company’s bankruptcy? Your Amazon overlords will be happy to hear that! I have a prime account myself but I also have a B&N membership as well.

Kneel down and give thanks to Amazon every morning do we?

I know they are not doing well and even if they are in bankruptcy in February that is a ignorant thing to say! People lose jobs and more and Amazon builds some new robots!

Nate Hoffelder April 21, 2018 um 3:36 pm

no, just expecting the bankruptcy

Chris B April 21, 2018 um 4:23 pm

I apologise for my quickness to judge your writing and go into attack mode. I was ignorant and misunderstood!

I totally agree and unless they have a miracle Holiday Season it will probably be over.

I don’t know much about the state of Books a Million but they sell on Amazon. I feel they have better positioned themselves in that regard.

Nate Hoffelder April 21, 2018 um 9:54 pm

no worries – the sentence structure left it up to interpretation

Incident Report No. 38 – Unlawful Acts May 10, 2018 um 4:53 pm

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