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Basic Kindle Now $59, Oasis & Paperwhite to go on Sale on Cyber Monday

Amazon announced a confusing number of sales today for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some items are on sale today, while others won’t be going on sale until the 28th.

For starters the basic Kindle is on sale today, and so is the Fire HD 10. You can get the basic Kindle for $60, or the Fire HD 10 for $80. You can also find Fire HD 10 accessories and cases up to 20% off.

You can find additional deals here.

If you can wait until Saturday, you can also find the Fire HD 8 on sale, as well as the Oasis and the Paperwhite. (Do not ask me when they are on sale; Amazon was trying to be clever but only succeeded in confusing the hell out of me.)

If you click the links, you might see a note on one or more of the pages noting a time window. I think that is when each item will be on sale. For example, I think the Oasis is going to be on sale today (maybe?).

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