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Behind Paywall, Didn’t Read (bp;dr) – A New Abbreviation That I Wish Wasn’t Needed

bp drWhen was the last time that you clicked on a link to a story on Twitter and were slapped in the face with a paywall notice? That happened to me only 20 minutes ago, and that is why I am sharing a new abbreviation acronym with you today.

Earlier this week I came across the term bp;dr. This term was coined by someone on Twitter, and I found it via Big Think. It’s short for "behind paywall, didn’t read", and it is a nifty way to identify and comment on inaccessible content.

Paywalls (and the manner in which they disrupt the free flow of knowledge) are a persistent and growing problem on the web. That is why this term will be showing up on this blog from time to time, and I plan to use it on Twitter as well.

I think it would be a great idea if everyone else could do the same.

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Comments » Behind Paywall, Didn’t Read (bp;dr) – Paid Content-genervte Leser prägen neues Akronym July 5, 2013 um 9:33 am

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