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BenQ R70 Android Tablet now available in Taiwan

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BenQ unveiled a familiar looking tablet today, and it just hit store shelves in Taiwan.

The R70 is based on a 7″ (800×600) capacitive touchscreen, and it has Wifi, Bluetooth, 2GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, and HDMI out.

It’s running Android v2.2 on a 1GHz CPU, and that is a weakness.  To put it simply, Android v2.2 is last year’s operating system.  I wouldn’t buy a new tablet that used it because the next iteration of Android is so much better.

If you click on the picture you should recognize it as being very similar to the Bebook Live. The tablets have virtually identical specs and really, the only difference I can see is that the Bebook Live also has a camera. This table has also shown up in Spain as the  DaVinci and in Russia as the effire CityNight.

Retail in Taiwan is TWD $8,990 , which is about $307 USD.

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Blenblen Blaze September 10, 2011 um 5:04 am

If they iron out all the kinks and get software working right, i have no problem with last year’s software. it’s the integration that counts IMHO.

If the Apple/iOS ecosystem has proved one thing, it’s that hardware specs are not all that they are hyped to be, it’s the software integration that counts.

Nate Hoffelder September 10, 2011 um 9:25 am

Yes, and the next version of Android (Gingerbread) is where they got the software right.

Damien Trainor October 14, 2011 um 9:40 am

I bought this tablet a couple days ago, in fact I’m using it right now. Although much of the information online says that it ships with android 2.2, mine came with gingerbread 2.34 out of the box and it works like a charm.

jonathan February 1, 2012 um 4:19 pm

Is it just me, or does the benq not have the android market?

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