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Best Buy is Now Using Spectra E-ink Shelf Labels

I was in Best Buy this morning, buying a  new laptop when I happened to notice that the store now had digital product labels decorating the shelves.

Best Buy has bought a shelf label system from a company called Pricer, and deployed labels in the 2″ and 4.2″ size. The larger sizes uses a 3-color Spectra E-ink screen (red, black and white), but I can’t say for sure whether the smaller shelf labels uses that screen or just a regular E-ink screen.

One thing I can tell you is that the screens are not as high of a resolution as on your Kindle; the smaller text on the 4.2″ screen was almost illegible due to fuzziness.

But even so, it was pretty cool to see digital shelf labels in widespread adoption. I had almost give up hope of seeing them in the stores I visit. Honestly, despite the obvious advantages (reduced labor, faster turnaround, etc) for a while there it had seemed like retailers had decided to pass on the tech.

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Adam January 11, 2021 um 11:49 pm

Real Canadian Superstore here in Vancouver uses e-ink shelf tags extensively throughout the grocery store. They seem to be three colour (yellow, black and white).

Aaron January 12, 2021 um 12:25 pm

We were in Lowe’s or Home Depot a few months back looking at dishwashers and I was really surprised that they were using e-ink shelf tags. That wasnt the place I would have imagined seeing them used at least right now.

Nate Hoffelder January 14, 2021 um 12:45 pm

They must be rolling them out slowly – I haven’t seen them.

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