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Best-Selling Indie Author Barbara Freethy Launches Print Imprint

barbcrop1[1]Barbara Freethy announced on her blog earlier this week that she had started a new imprint to oversee publication of her works in print formats. The latest addition to Freethy’s Fog City Publishing company, Hyde Street Press, will have its titles distributed by Ingram Publisher Services.

As one of the few authors to claim membership in the million book club in both the Nook Store and the Kindle Store, Freethy was recently named Amazon KDP’s best selling author of all time. According to the press release she has sold 4.8 million ebooks since going indie in 2011, and now she is expanding her empire to include paper books.

Freethy says on her blog that she had been working with Ingram for several months on this venture. "Since I began independently publishing my books, I’ve wanted to reach the large contingent of readers who still like to browse their local bookstores or retail outlets for books, but it was a difficult goal to reach–until now, she said. "With Ingram’s help, I’ll be able to reach those readers, wherever they like to shop."

HydeStreet_Black-184x250[1]According to the press release, Hyde Street Press is set to release six to eight titles next year. The first 4 titles will be released in spring 2015 include books from Freethy’s Callaway Series: On A Night Like This,So This Is Love, Falling For A Stranger and Between Now and Forever.

Freethy’s not the first author to launch her own imprint, and she certainly won’t be the last. In fact, it is fairly common for an indie author to list their works under a publishing imprint rather than their own name. A brief check of the Author Earning Report from July shows us that 13% titles on the Kindle store’s best seller lists came from publishers with a single author, while 25% came from indie authors.

While it would be difficult to prove. it is highly likely that most of that 13% are actually indie authors with the entrepreneurial drive to also craft a publishing imprint.



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