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Biggest Camera Geek at CES 2013

charbaxToday I met a cyborg at CES, and his name was Charbax.

While I have seen bigger and more complex camera rigs at CES, including several that complete TV studios, I think the geekiest camera guy was Nicolas Charbonnier (aka Charbax).

Charbax blogs over at, and he mainly posts videos. He wears his camera in an over the shoulder metal rig. The camera itself is on a double jointed arm with a pivot mounted on the end.

The headset includes a small screen so he can watch what he’s recording.

He doesn’t just record video with this rig; he livestreams it to a Google+ hangout (here, I think). I am surprised he can get a signal while on the show floor; most of the time I can’t because of either Wifi or 4G congestion.

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Tyler January 10, 2013 um 8:16 pm

Wow, he looks very creepy too. Hopefully he does not show up at a playground with that on.

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