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Blio app now available for iPhone, iPad

I got an email this morning from Blio, and I had to pinch myself to make sure i wasn’t still alseep. The folks at Blio were happy to tell me that their new iOS app was now available in iTunes.

I had to pinch myself. This was an app that was supposed to come out in August of 2010. Yes, it’s 11 months behind. It’s been so long since this thing was supposed to be released that I had to actually go through my archives and look up the original release date.

I found my last post about the Blio iOS app (from June 2010), and I can’t believe how enthusiastic I was. Blio was a platform that had such great promise and it came to nothing.

Seriously, the Blio app doesn’t do anything special, and it reads its own funky format. It’s supposed to support TTS (it doesn’t). And it’s supposed to support a rich text format, but pretty soon so will everyone else (Epub3).

Back in 2010, Blio was the hot new thing. Now it is firmly in my "don’t even bother" category. It never lived up to the hype, and now that you have better alternatives it’s simply not worth the bother.


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eolake July 16, 2011 um 11:01 pm

I agree, I’m a bit underwhelmed. And I didn’t even know it had been so delayed.

kathy w June 20, 2013 um 11:21 am

Ipad app is not very good. It does not allow the Ipad to sleep when not in use. If you set it down or fall asleep reading with the App open it will use a lot of battery life.

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