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Blog Update

Hey folks.

This trip to NYC was only a day trip, so I’m heading back home today. I’m on an uncomfortable bus at the moment, and since it is stopping me from getting any real work done I decided to post an update on my plans.

I plan to get a couple major post up tonight. One will be a detailed post on the 3 new Kindles  and the other will be a reflection on my travel experiences. This trip has taught me that when it comes to getting work done, Win7 tablets still win out over Android (even Honeycomb).

I’m also going to get caught up on the news I didn’t post today. All in all, this was a frustrating but moderately successful trip.

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Olympia Press September 28, 2011 um 4:17 pm

Hope you’re on Vamoose, at least.

lomdar67 September 28, 2011 um 4:18 pm

Hey, Windows 7 Tabletts are so yesterday. 😉 Try out the Windows 8 Developer Preview!

Void September 28, 2011 um 5:26 pm

When did B&N get in a release also? They put out 3 new Nooks? Or did you just gorfwable?

Nate Hoffelder September 28, 2011 um 6:15 pm

Whoops. Thanks.

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