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BlogLovin Traffic Tripled This Year, Now Serves 10 Million Users

Feedly maylogo-bloglovin[1] be the most popular replacement for Google Reader but they’re not the only ones who have picked up more users in the wake of the Readerpocalypse.Bloglovin, a news  reader service that turned 6 years old last week, now supports over 10 million active users monthly, and is earning over a million dollars a year in revenue.

Bloglovin also reported that the median age for users was 20 years old, meaning that Bloglovin has 5 million teens signed up. That’s an accomplishment that I don’t think any other news reader can match.

This site offers a pretty and clean feed reading experience that has attracted millions of female users. Over 90% of its userbase are women, and according to AllThingsD it has become "a portal for fashion and lifestyle content".

I’ve never used the site myself until today, but I know that Mike Cane swears by it. It offers a hybrid reading experience where users see a stub of a blog post on the Bloglovin website and the entire article on the original website.

As you can see from the screenshot, this is not a news reader for information junkies:


Bloglovin’s increase in traffic has moved it into a distant second place for the title of biggest news reader service. Few of Bloglovin’s competitors have publicly shared details about active users, but Feedly revealed in June that they had 12 million active users. That was 5 months ago (and Feedly’s userbase has probably grown since then), but Bloglovin’s 10 million users is still an impressive accomplishment.

Bloglovin is funded in part by Betaworks, and they share an NYC office with Digg, which has also recently launched a Google Reader replacement.

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