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B&N Hired Its New Chief Information Officer Away From a Pawn Shop Company

bill wood cio abrnes nobleBarnes & Noble announced on Monday that William E. Wood is the new Chief Information Officer. Wood joins B&N from pawn store operator EZCorp, where he has been the CIO since April 2012.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Wood has held similar positions at Bass Pro Shops and Brookstone since 2010. And before that, he worked his way up through the ranks at Dollar General.

“We are thrilled to welcome Bill to Barnes & Noble and are excited to have someone with such broad experience in Information Technology join the team,” said Ron Boire. “Bill is a proven leader in this area and his appointment signals our continued commitment to being a leading omni-channel retailer.”

Giggles aside, the fellow does have a solid core of retail experience, and if anything his experience with publicly traded corporation that runs consignment shops likely gives Wood a stronger drive to turn a profit. Of course, what this means for the Nook, and its ever declining revenues, remains to be seen.

P.S. Did anyone else first read the headline as "porn shop"?

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Frank December 14, 2015 um 11:26 am

Whoever was the previous CIO has done a poor job – see B&N’s website, so new blood may help.

SteveHut December 14, 2015 um 12:31 pm

What is that old saying about 'reshuffling the deck chairs' on the Titanic?

Straker December 15, 2015 um 9:01 am

When I saw the headline I thought sure it was going to be Chumlee from "Pawn Stars."

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