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B&N job postings offer insight into new MyNook cloud service

It’s amazing what you can find on the backside of some companies' websites.

About a week ago I posted about MyNook, a new trademark filed by Barnes & Noble. As you can probably guess from the name, MyNook will offer some type of personal service. If you read the description, you will see that the trademark covers "Web portal services in the nature of providing a web-based system and online portal for users to remotely manage, administer and control electronic readers, handheld and computer devices, data, digital media, software applications and electronic publications, namely, books, e-books, magazines, newspapers, text and images".

Today I learned that B&N is looking for a number of people who have experience with cloud services. For example, there’s a position for a "Sr. Java Cloud Services Developer". And that’s only one of 6 positions currently open.

B&N is clearly working on some type of cloud services.I’d say that B&N are planning to challenge Amazon by offering some of the same services offered by the Kindle and the Cloud.

Unfortunately, we’re probably not going to see this very soon. B&N hs just registered this trademark and it looks like they’re still building the team.

via Rocket Bomber

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