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B&N Launches Windows-Only Promotions in the Nook Store in France, & Let’s Not Even Talk About Sweden

Barnesmicrosoft nook & Noble launched another free ebook promotion today, this time in France.

Like with past promotions, anyone who downloads the Nook app for Windows 8 will receive free popular books and five free magazines.

Titles include the ebooks Thomas Passe-Mondes by Eric Tasset and L’homme volcan by Malzieu Mathias, along with current issues of top selling magazines ELLE France, Paris Match, Premiere, Public, and Le Point. As an added bonus, readers will also receive an assortment of samples including Le grand livre des idées reçues, Insolite et grandes énigmes, and Hôtel – Chambre un. Customers will also get the Serial Lecteurs 2014 Collection, which contains the first chapters of popular thrillers from Harlen Coben, Eric Giacometti, Karine Giebel and Claude Izner.

There’s still no word yet on the launch of the Nook Android app or iOS app in France or the other 29 countries where it is not available; with the exception of the UK and the US, the Nook Store is strictly a Windows operation.

And while we are on the topic of the Nook Store, here’s an interesting bit of gossip.

About a month ago I penned a post on Amazon’s interest in selling ebooks in Sweden, and I happened to mention that Apple, Google, and Nook all had ebookstores in Sweden. The following day I got an email from someone who worked for a Swedish bookselling magazine, asking me for more information on the Nook Store.

They honestly did not know that B&N had launched the Nook Store in Sweden in November 2013, and I think that says a lot about how much of a presence B&N has. I think it also offers an explanation for why B&N is running these country specific promotions.

Barnes & Noble’s international effort is so lackluster and their presence is so low-key that without the free ebook promotions I don’t think anyone in those countries would know that the Nook Store had opened there. I know that is a mean thing to say, but if the local industry rag doesn’t know about the Nook Store then I seriously doubt that it has crossed anyone else’s consciousness either. And so long as the Nook Store remains this obscure, it might as well not exist for all the market impact it will have.

Or am I wrong?

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fjtorres May 16, 2014 um 8:40 am

It’s all about meeting the milestones in the contract with MS and collecting the guaranteed money. Making the bookstores pay off will be up to the new owner, whoever it turns out to be.
Pretty much tells us when Nook will be sold off, too — when the last international store goes up.

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