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B&N Nook HD+ Gets Inadvertent Teardown at FCC

Here’s a surprise for you today.

B&N’s new 9″ Android tablet showed up on the FCC website yesterday and they forgot to hide the internal photos, external photos, and the user manual. If you want a look inside the latest iPad killer, here’s your chance.

I’ve had a chance to look over the photos, and they don’t show much. The internal shots don’t have a high enough resolution and the only thing I could make out clearly was the honking big battery. But at least the external photos will be able to give you a better idea what this tablet looks like when it’s not being pitched to bloggers. For example, it’s clear that this tablet has only a single speaker grill; the KFHD has 4.

And then there’s the user manual. It’s incomplete, with a number of sections missing. It doesn’t tell me anything more than what I learned at the press event.

external Nook HD photos

internal Nook HD photos

user manual


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fjtorres October 17, 2012 um 2:56 pm

I found one thing new to me: the battery is 21.9 W-hr.
That is smaller than the iPad2’s 25 w-Hr and the Surface RT 's 31 whrs.

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