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B&N might be about to add more Twitter support to Nook, Nook apps

How would you like to tweet a book recommendation from the Nook Touch? Well, it looks like that might actually happen.


Mike Cane noticed a couple really strange Twitter accounts this morning, and I mean really strange. These aren’t your normal spambots, nor do they look like they belong to any particular Barnes & Noble store. This is just a guess, but I think they’re the testbed for a new Twitter feature. To be more exact, I think some developer at B&N is working on the server programming that’s going to support the feature.

I’ve found a number of tweets that suggest this. For example, there’s the "I’ve read" tweets, all of which link back to ebooks in the Nook Store.  Also, if you go look at the tweets, search for the word "share". You’ll find a tweet like this:

ShareQuoteToPublic test. Twitter.18f9f534ea42404cb513bb37214592fa #NOOK

It’s not working right, but it’s pretty obvious what that’s supposed to be, right? There’s also a bunch of junk tweets that I don’t think are supposed to mean anything. My guess is that we’re seeing a data reference error, but I’m not sure.

Here’s the weird part. The Nook Touch appears to already have these features.There’s no reason to have these accounts if you already have the features.

So what is this for? My only guess here is that this is either a truly broken bot running on one of B&N’s servers or they might be planning to expand the features to the Nook apps. I don’t know.

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