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B&N Offering a $20 Gift Card With new Nook HD, Nook HD+ – This Weekend

ht_nook_hd_ll_120925_wg[1]When I posted yesterday on the sale which B&N was running on the Nook Tablet refurbs, one commenter said that that particular sale didn’t mean anything; it’s normal for last year’s models to go on sale while the current models stay at full price.

In other news today, Barnes & Noble sent out a press release announcing a sale on the Nook HD and Nook HD+.  Buy one in a B&N store and you’ll also get a $20 gift certificate.  The deal is only good tomorrow and Sunday, so if you were thinking about getting one you should stop by a store.

I’m going to close the comments on this post. My following statements will likely incite a discussion and since there’s already an ongoing discussion in another post I don’t see a reason to start a new one.

With this sale, B&N has matched Amazon sale for sale on the new models while also surpassing Amazon by offering sales on refurbs. Arguably B&N is in a more precarious situation in terms of hardware.

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