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B&N to Launch an 8″ Nook Device Next Week?

samsung nook barnes noble tablet Barnes & Noble may have reported shrinking digital revenues for the past couple years, but that doesn’t mean they’re giving up on their digital efforts.

Sources inside B&N have told me the retailer is planning to reset its stores early next month to make room for a new device (as well as accessories which have already shown up in B&N’s internal system). Details are still scarce (and in fact I have no actual evidence to show you – yet) but there’s a very good chance that we’ll see a new device in the next couple weeks.

Based on the cases that have shown up in B&N’s system (and, I’m told, are already scheduled to arrive in stores), we’re looking at a new 8″ device. It’s going to arrive on or before 3 September, when the reset is scheduled, but at this time we still don’t know whether we’re looking at a new Android tablet or a new Nook ereader.

While there have been rumors of a new Nook and speculation that it was coming this fall, it is also just as likely that this is a Samsung tablet. However, there’s no solid evidence to support either possibility.

B&N has not yet filed any paperwork with the FCC (for the new Nook) or with the SEC (in regards to a new agreement with Samsung) so there’s no clear evidence one way or the other. And B&N’s marketing dept isn’t talking either (I’ve already queried them).

But there is one point in favor of this being a tablet: B&N  hasn’t come close to meeting its promise to sell a million Samsung tablets in the first year to 15 months. That contract clause was extended to a full two years, and this new device could be intended to meet that goal.

If this is a Nook, your guess is as good as mine as to the specs and features. But if it’s a Samsung device, we’re looking at either the Galaxy S2 8.0 or the Galaxy A 8.0.

The latter is a $240 tablet which was released in May 2015, while the former was announced in July 2015 and will be shipping in late August 2015 with a retail price of $435.

For obvious reasons the cheaper tablet is more likely (unless I missed one of Samsung’s other tablets, which is a real possibility).

Stay tuned. When I have solid news to report, I will.

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Jon Chinook August 24, 2015 um 3:45 pm

Given that B&N has destroyed the ability to download legitimately purchased ebooks, killed Nook for PC, and disabled Nook Study, why in the world would they expect me to even consider purchasing more eBooks from them much less a "new" Nook ?
It’s a shame. really, that B&N has so completely destroyed confidence their reputation as, I thought their Nook Simple Touch was a really great intro machine for eBooks. I’d almost prefer to find a "Pirate" source for eBooks rather than deal with B&N

Tim Wilhoit August 24, 2015 um 6:00 pm

If it’s the A 8.0, the sales will be even worse than the last SamsungSchnook. I looked at the CNet review and it’s a cut-rate tablet, the acme of cut-rates (not meant in a nice way). The only upside is the sd card slot. With only 16 GB storage, it will need it. 4:3 display, one tiny speaker, 1.2 Ghz processor, 1.5 GB RAM, and 1024 x 768 resolution will make for a very bad experience. The (slightly modified) sales pitch for the "Family Truckster" comes to mind: "You think you hate it now, just wait until you use it."

Sturmund Drang August 24, 2015 um 8:39 pm

Hear hear!

Sturmund Drang August 24, 2015 um 8:40 pm

Sorry, I’d hoped that would get posted under Jon Chinook’s post.

I agree 150% with Mr Chinook.

john August 25, 2015 um 8:26 pm

just bought the samsung nook 7″ – makes for a nice replacement to the original nook ereader. still lovin' my HD+ nook also. nice and light, thin, with a little style. remains great for reading. nice to see B&N may not have completely abandoned the nook….

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