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B&N to Release Yuzu App for OSX, Windows 10 in July

YUZU-logo-tm[1]Barnes & Noble isn’t going to let their train wreck of a digital textbook platform die the death it deserves; instead they’re expanding support. I just got an email today with the news that B&N Education is about to release new versions of Yuzu and radically update the platform.

When Yuzu launched last April it was only available on the iPad and as a web app for Internet Explorer. In the past 14th months B&N has also released a Windows 8 app, and sometime next month B&N plans to release an app for Windows 10 and for OSX.

According to the email, big changes are afoot:

Coming in July, a new set of apps will be available with exciting new features, like search in the web app, page turn improvements and auto-sync.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new Yuzu experience, you must:

  • Sync Your Digital Library: With the new app, notes and highlights will automatically sync across all of your devices.
  • Re-Download Your eBooks: Improvements to page turning performance will be available on the new apps.

No, you did not read that wrong; even though it was released over a year ago and has been inflicted upon college students in both the fall and spring semesters, Yuzu still lacks basic features like auto-sync.

But don’t worry, B&N Education is finally going to add those features. Just don’t forget to keep your account synced, otherwise you could lose everything.

Yep, this is still as much a train wreck as it was when students complained at the beginning of the spring semester (they’re still posting complaints on the Yuzu listing in iTunes). But to be fair, there is a chance that B&N Education is going to fix the fundamental flaws in the platform over the next month or so. I don’t really expect that to happen, but it is not impossible.

We’ll just have to wait and see if students show up and complain in large numbers when the fall semester starts.

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