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Bonnier Launches New Digital Imprint, Bookery

The Swedish publishing conglomerate Bonnier has launched an ebook subscription service and a self-pub service, but that doesn’t mean they have lost sight of the legacy industry.

Bonnier launched a new imprint this week as part of its growth strategy. Bookery will publish about 20 to 25 titles per year, both fiction and non-fiction, with the goal of attracting the digital book reader and listener.

It will be led by Asa Selling, who had previously been the editor in chief at Wahlstrom & Widstrand. "The digital revolution creates great opportunities for storytelling and new opportunities to reach a large audience. With Bonnier Bookery, we will develop book publishing in the Swedish book trades and customize it to the digital reader and listener, " said Selling.

image by ActuaLitté

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