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Book Lovers Get a Nod in Fallout 4

fallout 4At first glance books and video games only have the most peripheral relationship. One is all about creating a world in your own mind, while the other involves navigating the world you see on a screen, but Fallout 4 has found a way to bring them together.

This dystopian video game is set in an apocalyptic Boston, where the player is charged with surviving from day to day in a post-nuclear war  environment. If you thought that players would have better things in game to do than mess around with books, you’d be right, but the Fallout 4 developers have found a subtle way to turn your expectations against you.

Bustle reports that players can earn tokens by returning overdue library books to the Boston Public Library:

Worth only two caps each, the books are everywhere, which may lead some wasteland explorers to leave them lying around in favor of more valuable loot.

Returning the Overdue Books to the Boston Public Library yields great rewards, however. Each book returned to the library earns the player a token, which may be cashed in at the library vending machine — yes, they have one! — for all manner of prizes.

Players looking to complete their magazine collections can save up 50 tokens and purchase Massachusetts Surgical Journal #8: a rare skill perk magazine that can only be found here.

Imagine that, a video game which places value on sharing knowledge as well as simply collecting it. (Sadly, librarian is not a role you can take on in the game, although there is a "librarian" outfit.)

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Victor November 17, 2015 um 10:16 pm

Nate, search for Richard, the Librarian in YouTube…

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