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Bookeen Diva HD to Ship This Week (?)

I just read a report that Bookeen is going to launch a couple new ereaders this week. The new gadgets will be called the Diva and the Diva HD, and will sport 6″ E-ink screens.

According to the Polish blogger Cyfranek, the Bookeen Diva HD will sport a 300 PPI E-ink screen with a color-changing frontlight. The ereader will have Wifi, an accelerometer, and a smartcover, and up to 16GB of internal storage.

The  Diva HD is said to be available tomorrow. Retail will be 139 euros.

The Bookeen Diva is also said to be available tomorrow. It, on the other hand, is going to be a budget model that costs 99 euros and sports a 212 PPI screen.

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Bookeen Diva i Bookeen Diva HD – oficjalna premiera | Cyfranek – cyfrowe czytanie November 18, 2019 um 5:29 am

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Nicolas November 18, 2019 um 10:01 am

I can confirm, Bookeen sent me one for testing.

Both Bookeen Diva and Bookeen Diva HD are available in France. We can order directly from Bookeen website.

The Bookeen Diva HD as a feature that can adjust the color of the frontlight (to filter blue light) and a gyroscope.

Their is a short vidéo here :

Nate Hoffelder November 18, 2019 um 10:04 am


Kari Nikula November 18, 2019 um 12:08 pm

I really hate the thick bezels of this device.

Michael July 31, 2020 um 12:25 pm

Diva HD doesn’t seem to be available anymore? Is it temporary ?

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