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Bookeen Rebrands the Nolim eReader as the Saga

Remember the Nolim, that unremarkable 6″ ereader Bookeen launched in May?

It looks like Bookeen has relaunched it as the Saga. Bookeen is using  stomach-turning amount of hype to pitch this as a revolutionary ereader.

Bear in mind, this is the exact same hardware they launched in May.

The new e-reader SAGA developed by Bookeen takes the reader on a whole new reading experience and adventure. It took 14 months of R&D for Bookeen to develop not just a digital reader, but a new kind of book, where the size format, style, ergonomics, and tactile feel combine for the user’s genuine reading pleasure.

Bookeeen has secured several retail partners in Europe, including in Switzerland (Payot), Finland (Elisa), Germany (Zadig), and Sweden (Adlibris). The Saga is not yet listed on their websites, but says that it will ship later this year and cost 130 euros.


  • Screen: 6’’ Carta E-ink w\ frontlight & touchscreen
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 758
  • Storage: 8GB
  •  Battery life: 3 weeks
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Smartcover
  • Accelerometer
  • 4 buttons: Next page, Last page, Menu, and FrontLight


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LCNR October 15, 2017 um 5:05 pm


Are you sure about the 8 GB? The reason I ask is that the Nolim was initially described everywhere as being an 8 GB e-reader (including on the official e-retailer site,, though that has since changed), but it turns out it was a "mistake" in the marketing material and that it only carries 4 GB.

Now this is six months later and they might have upgraded to 8 GB (I hope so, because I thought 130 € for just 4 GB was asking for a tad too much), but I just want to make sure the specs you’ve been given are not simply a copy-paste of the Nolim’s original (and erroneous) spec sheet (and yes, it seems that everybody is saying 8 GB, too, but so did they when the 4 GB Nolim came out).


MICHAEL DAHAN October 24, 2017 um 5:43 am


This is Michael Dahan, CEO fo Bookeen.
I confirm it is a 8GB. The device has been upgraded. I confirm at 100%.

I also take the opportunity to defend "our hype".
We work hard and do our best to bring real new things to the market and as "a dinosaur" in this industry, I can tell you that Saga is unique.
Everyone has its own likings and tastes, but I expect Bookeen to be recognized for its sincerity and commitment to the ereader market.



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