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Bookmate’s Subscription Reading Service Explained (video)

bookmate logoUnless you’ve been following international ebook news (or reading this blog) you might not have heard of Bookmate. Primarily focused in Russia, Eastern Europe, and the third world, Bookmate is a lesser known competitor to Scribd and Oyster which offers a subscription ebook service in primarily markets rife with piracy.

Earlier today I was digging through Facebook when I found this video of a presentation by Simon Dunlop, the co-founder of Bookmate’s parent company Dream Industries. He gave a talk at the Silicon Valley Open Doors conference a couple weeks ago which I think is worth watching.

I already posted most of the details in the video when I wrote about Bookmate earlier this month, but not all. The video adds a perspective on how the founder sees the service and shows that he has a different viewpoint from most ebook CEOs.

Bookmate is focused not just on markets that the major players are largely ignoring but also on market segments which are too poor to attract attention.

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