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Borders closing sales are ahead of schedule

Borders appear to be dying faster than expected. Mike Cane first noticed this on Saturday, and yesterday I read this about the closing sales:

The liquidators have reported that store closing sales are outpacing their expectations, with many of these stores moving to 40% off within the last few days. These locations have been incredibly busy the past few weeks, and associates at these stores deserve a special thank you for all they’ve done and will continue to do in the coming weeks.

I’ve also found a number of Borders employees griping about the customers. This one in particular sums up most of the  complaints:

I’m in a liquidation store, and what kills me, at the register? Check totals are like $100 – $200 per customer! And this has been at 20% off, we just went to 25%.

Let me reiterate. 20% off! We’ve been desperately giving all of these customers basically 33% off everything for a year and a half now.  Give them 20%? It’s a massacre.

It’s strange, isn’t it, that people will come in and spend vast amounts of money while bemoaning the loss of a store, and yet they couldn’t be bothered to come the month before and get a better price.

image via Mike Cane

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yuzutea March 8, 2011 um 2:00 pm

There’s a pretty big difference there. Those 33% coupons are for one item, whereas the 20% discounts are for everything you might buy.

Jason Evans March 8, 2011 um 4:38 pm

Maybe publishers and sellers alike will realize that you will sell more products than your competitors if you have a lower price.

That would require competition and for sellers to sell things at the price that they want to sell them.

monopole March 8, 2011 um 5:08 pm

As a Borders Plus member I can attest to the fact that their discount and coupon system was hopelessly confusing. People will take a guaranteed 25% as opposed to a confusing and uncertain 33%

Tyler March 8, 2011 um 9:36 pm

I always waited for the 40% coupons and with two e mail addresses I could hit two different Borders with them. Easy to do where I live since I can easily travel to three Borders stores all about 15 minutes apart from each other.

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