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Borders (US) liquidation sale starts tomorrow

They’re not wasting any time. A member of IworkAtBorders, a support group for Borders employees, posted late last night that:

 So we got the answers we have been waiting for today…. Liquidation starts Friday, we should see the liquidator Thursday or Friday. That’s it. Thanks again AA for the chewed up bone you have thrown us yet once again before you kick us to the curb.

"AA" is a reference to Borders corporate HQ, and it refers to Ann Arbor, MI. Elsewhere on that forum a member has noted that all of Borders 399 remaining are already listed on DJM Realty’s Borders property list, including Waldenbooks, Borders Express, and the airport stores.

So I guess that’s it. You can check your local Borders on Friday, but I’m not sure you’ll see any signs put up. Finding the signage for 400 stores might be a little difficult. Sales will likely start at 10% off retail, so Amazon will actually be the better price at the time.

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