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Borders' warehouses to close by 15 August

And the staff are working nearly 60 hour weeks to get the stock cleared out.

I’ve just read a comment left in the LiveJournal community iWorkAtBorders. One distribution center worker dropped by let us know that as bad as the retail employees have it, other have it worse.

DCdummy reported that the staff at his DC were working 10 hour shifts 5 days a week with an extra 8 hours tacked on Saturday. What’s worse is that they’re working in metal and concrete box with 100 degree temperatures outside and no air conditioning.

Borders' 399 retail stores are scheduled to close by the end of August, so it’s a little puzzling that the warehouse would need to get all the stock cleared out first. I would have thought that the warehouse would close last; I would have thought that that’s where the last unsold dregs of stock would be collected and sold off to discounters.

Does anyone know why the warehouses are closing first?



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