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The Boston Typewriter Orchestra (video)

Reduced to a museum piece, the typewriter is now good for little more than confusing kids and giving curmudgeons a last bulwark against modernity.

And it is also apparently good for making music. The Boston Typewriter Orchestra is a musical group featuring all-mechanical typewriters.

You can find them on Youtube, and here they are performing for the public.

As I am sure my readers know, the typewriter has a long history as a musical instrument. You may have seen one of the performances with a typewriter soloist (I like Liberace’s performance for the sense of humor he brings to the piece) but the BTO is the first all-typewriter musical group (that I know of).

This group is one of the more extreme examples of how people sometimes turn outdated tech into an art form (see paper making, calligraphy, etc).

You can find more videos of their work on Youtube.


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