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Boyue Likebook Muses 7.8″ Android eReader Released

Boyue has released an updated version of the Likebook Mars ereader they shipped last year.  The new model has twice the storage but otherwise very similar specs.

It’s called the Likebook Muses, and you can buy it from for  $329, or from for 252 euros.

This device runs Android 6.0.1 on a 1.5GHz octa-core CPU with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. It also has a microSD card slot, Wifi, and Bluetooth, and it is also cursed with a USB-C port.

Weighing in at 286 grams, the Likebook Muses measures 19.3cm by 13.6cm by 8.5mm.

Like the Likebook Mars, the Muses has a 300 PPI 7.8″ Carta E-ink screen with a color-changing frontlight. The Likebook Muses also has dual touchscreens; you can use your finger on the capacitive touchscreen, or write on the electromagnetic touchscreen with the stylus.

According to the Amazon listing, the Likebook Muses will take those notes and covert them to text for you.

Thanks, Mike!

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Mike Cane February 26, 2019 um 11:41 am

Huh. I never thought t check Amazon. The euro listing made no mention of a microSD card slot and Boyue hass yet to reply to my tweet asking. But I see the Zan tech specs say it can be expanded to 128GB.

Now I must do a post…

Mike Cane February 26, 2019 um 11:42 am

Bloody typos in that Comment. Grrrrr.

Likebook Muses: An Upgraded Likebook Mars | Mike Cane's Atomic Supermen February 26, 2019 um 12:02 pm

[…] Boyue Likebook Muses 7.8? Android eReader Released […]

Umami February 27, 2019 um 4:19 am

Wacom stylus support is a great improvement over the predecessor device.

Mike Cane March 1, 2019 um 5:57 am

It seems that unlike the Mars, the Muses LACKS a microSD card slot. Unless exchanging tweets with China is bollixed due to language again…

Name March 3, 2019 um 2:56 pm

It is super annoying, when merchants and manufacturers are too stupid to provide unambiguous specs for the products they sell. In the case of the tweet, witj gsome good will, it could be interpreted in the sense, that Mars' and Muses' specs are different, but the "without SD card slot" could mean "not regatding the SD card slot. "" lists different specs, depending on wether you look at the English or German page version. The latter mentions "TF card support".

Nate Hoffelder March 3, 2019 um 3:10 pm

I can clear up one point – "TF" stands for "TransFlash". It is another name for microSD cards.

Name March 3, 2019 um 3:34 pm

Yes, some Chinese tablets call it "TF", lest they have to pay for certification in order to call it by the better known "SD" brand name. This still doesn’t answer the question, wether the device actually has the slot or not.

Name March 6, 2019 um 4:04 pm

So while the renderings for the Amazon product pages already indicated it, the video review now confirms, that Boyue has crippled its reader by removing its SD card reader:

This cannot be explained with oversight, it has to be malintent. The same malintent, with which Onyx has not equipped the soon to be released Note Pro with an SD card reader:

And Onyx certainly doesn’t have any excuse for not providing a card reader in a *Pro* branded device. If at least the USB port were able to work in host mode and read USB flash drives, but at least Onyx apparently failed to properly connect the power lines on its current Note devices, causing OTG mode to fail, unless an extenally powered USB hub is used. Do we know, whether Boyue’s device supports OTG?

I’m so sick of manufacturers intentionally crippling theirr devices so blatantly.

ginny September 9, 2019 um 2:45 pm

Is the screen flimsy and not covered by warranty? My Mars broke in less than six months and they wanted me to pay a fortune to make it work.

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