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Boyue T62 Mega eReader up for Pre-Order – Android 4.2, 300 ppi Carta E-ink Screen, $120

Chinese ereader maker Boyue (aka Boeye) has released an updated version of its T62 ereader.

The T62 Mega, as it is being called on Banggood, features what, for 2017, counts as a retro look. It’s up for pre-order on Banggood for $120, and is expected to ship on 22 June.

Like earlier T62 models, the Mega has protruding page turn and action buttons on either side of a recessed 6″ Carta E-ink screen. It runs Android 4.2 on a dual-core 1GHz CPU with 8GB storage, and Wifi.

In terms of software, the Mega supports Epub and PDF natively, and you can listen to music through its headphone jack. Since it runs Android, you can install apps.

Its 6″ screen comes with a frontlight and touchscren, and according to the product listing it has a 300 ppi screen resolution (the actual resolution is not named, just the sharpness).

The Mega measure 10.5mm thin, and packs a 2.8Ah battery into its soft rubberized shell.

In many ways the mega is as up to date as the Boyue T63, which Banggood sells as the T63 JDRead. There are a couple key differences, however; the T63 doesn’t have audio, and it has a  slab-like design with a flush screen and recessed page turn buttons.

Me, I prefer the protruding buttons, but it is nice that Boyue is offering up to date ereaders in two different styles.


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Hrafn May 24, 2017 um 10:59 pm

"…and it has a slab-like design with a flush screen…"

From the pics, the screen appears to be recessed, rather than flush, similar to previous T62s (and most older eReaders).

Nate Hoffelder May 25, 2017 um 6:46 am

The T63 has the flush screen.

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