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Buy this netbook and they’ll throw in free 3G

I was walking through South Hall and I happened by this one company’s booth. They’re not offering an ereader but I like this idea and I thought it was worth a mention.

Datawind are a UK based that currently offers a 7″ and 9″ netbook under the Ubisurfer brand. They’re about to expand into the US market, and they expect to have the 9″ netbook with a Sprint data connection available in about a month.

The Ubisurfer 9 has 1GB Flash, a SDHC card slot, USB Host, Wifi, and either a 1X or 3G connection. Retail is expected to start at $199 and it’s already available in the UK. (If anyone in the UK has bought one I’d love to what you think.)

It runs Windows CE, which might be a concern. But it’s also going to ship with Softmaker office suite. This suite is a full office suite (unlike anything  I’ve found on Android) and the fact the company even knew about it was a point in their favor. Software won’t be the shortcoming of this device.

I know free internet sound great, but when you look at the fine print this stops being such a great deal. You only get 30 free hours of web browsing a month.

On a related note, Datawind are planning to offer a pair of Android tablets (with the same data plan) in the near future. Retail is projected to be $249 for the 7″ tablet and $299 for the 10″. These babies will be running Android v2.2 on a Cortex A8 CPU with 1GB Flash, a SDHC card slot, Wifi.



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Andrys January 11, 2011 um 10:42 am

hmmm. 30 free hrs/mo. on a tablet that you use 3G for only when away from WiFi is not bad.

What was the quality of the netbook screen’s display? Did you get to see it?

Nate the great January 11, 2011 um 3:39 pm

It looked okay.

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