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You Can Install Google Play on the Latest Fire Tablets in Less Than 5 Minutes

the Fire HD 10

It used to be that installing Google Play and other Google apps on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet required rooting the tablet, fiddling around with a file manager, and tweaking a few system settings.

But when it comes to installing Google’s services on the latest Fire tablets, it’s a lot easier. The arrival of the new Fire OS update yesterday inspired me to go find instruction on how to also add Google Play to my 3-yer-old tablet, and the instructions I found on XDA Forums were a whole lot easier than I was expecting.

All you have to do to install Google Play on your Fire tablet is download and install the following APK files, in order, and then reboot your tablet.

You can even do it while reading this post in the silk browser on the tablet itself.

Once you’ve rebooted your Fire tablet, you will of course have to open the Play Store app and log in to your Google account for the first time.

But once you’ve done that, you can then install just about any Google app. I have Gmail working on my tablet, which is great because it didn’t work on previous Fire models running earlier versions of Fire OS.

What do you have installed on your Fire tablet?

XDA Forums

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Chris Meadows September 24, 2017 um 3:57 pm

Gee, thanks for crediting me for pointing that out to you, there. 🙂

Nate Hoffelder September 24, 2017 um 5:27 pm

you credited yourself over in the other thread, so I didn’t think it necessary to repeat it :).

BDR September 25, 2017 um 6:58 am

Like maybe you’re the first to discover this?? What’s next for you, taking credit for inventing the internet?

Nate Hoffelder September 25, 2017 um 7:30 am

well, I did give Babbage the idea for his first computer …

Andrea Clark September 24, 2017 um 4:57 pm

Wow, so much easier with the new update. Now I can finally get the apps I want on my Fire. Thx for posting!

user September 24, 2017 um 11:34 pm

How safe are APKs?

Nate Hoffelder September 25, 2017 um 7:26 am

they are like any file on the web, you have to be careful about where you download.

this site is safe.

Henry Wood September 25, 2017 um 5:24 am

Thanks for this. Installation was very simple and the first app I installed was SwiftKey and what a great difference that single app makes to the Fire tablet. Although I have installed Gmail it is crashing every single time I open it.
Other apps such as Evernote and Password Safe are working fine and even Tesco’s online food shopping app is OK. I’ll try removing Gmail and reinstall it later but I must go and charge my Fire now – I’ve not used it so much in a long time!

Henry Wood September 25, 2017 um 5:32 am

I’ve just installed my favourite browser, Naked Browser Pro and it also greatly improves the Fire tablet. Highly recommended.

George September 27, 2017 um 9:56 pm

I installed it over lunch today. Everything went smoothly. I have Kobo, Nook, and Fandango installed so far.

Nate Hoffelder September 28, 2017 um 8:13 pm

I’m still having trouble with Gmail.

Chris Meadows September 29, 2017 um 9:41 am

Inbox won’t run at all, alas. I make do with the built-in Mail program.

Nate Hoffelder September 29, 2017 um 10:13 am

I double checked, and I am using the actual Gmail app (not "Inbox by Gmail"). It works sometimes.

George September 29, 2017 um 1:25 pm

Don’t know why you’re having email problems. I’ve always used the email app that comes with the Kindle Fire and have never had any problems pulling my gmail messages into it.

jan December 12, 2017 um 9:57 am

icon on fire 7 with alexa but not working what have i done wrong so frustrating 2 days to do this yet everyone saying days few mins

Sanjay January 9, 2018 um 10:48 am

Hi – just installed on a fire 10HD. One big issue – the google play store app does not display on the home screen. So I have to access through the recent items function, which is painful. Any ideas on how to have it appear and launch from the home screen?

Nate Hoffelder January 9, 2018 um 12:18 pm

that’s weird – I have the exact opposite issue

I don’t have a solution, sorry.

Jane March 23, 2018 um 2:31 am

I can’t get mine to run Google play. It tells me it can’t connect to the server.

Mike November 20, 2018 um 7:14 am

I’m trying to utilize the MSG GO app on the fire 10. Everything downloaded okay,thank you go posting! For some reason when I open the MSG GO app though the app closes out in a couple seconds. Just wondering if you had any suggestions. thank you!

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