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You Can’t Read on the New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar (Yet), But You Can Play Doom (video)

Apple disappointed many power users when it opted for the cool-looking Touch Bar as the featured new Macbook Pro feature rather than faster CPUs and more RAM, but it’s not all bad.

iOS developer Adam Bell has figured out how to get Doom running on the Touch Bar. It’s not exactly easy to play the game on the 2170 x 60 resolution display which replaced the Macbook Pro’s function keys, but as you can see in the following video the hack does work.

As you can see from the video, the screen real estate is a bit cramped. Still, it is playable — but just barely.

In a second, more usable hack, Bell also displayed Doom's status bar on the Touch Bar. That certainly fit a lot better on the strip of screen real estate but it is a rather pointless hack given the high resolution screen on the new Macbook Pro.

But then again, "a rather pointless hack" also describes the Touch Bar itself, so in a way Bell’s work is fitting adaptation of useless hardware.




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Stn November 21, 2016 um 9:54 pm

So much for others getting left behind by Apple. Apple has lost its Mojo without Jobs. Never thought I’d see the day Microsoft out designed Apple.

Nate Hoffelder November 21, 2016 um 10:23 pm

The new Surface was pretty cool, yes.

It’s outside my price range but I do appreciate the design.

Frank November 22, 2016 um 9:38 am

The Touch bar isn’t useless, but it is a gimmick that likely will not be repeated.

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