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Can’t Stand the Long Wait for Your Kindle Oasis? Get it at Best Buy

Kindle_Oasis_Hero03_US_Store_CMYKMany electrons have given their lives to bring you the news that Amazon’s latest ereader is facing a shipping delay of weeks and months, but you shouldn’t give up hope just yet.

While the Kindle Oasis is set to officially ship three days from now, many buyers are reporting that they’re going to have to wait, depending on the options, a week to several months to get their order.

Luckily, there is another option.

Best Buy is reporting on its website that it has the Kindle Oasis in its warehouse, and it is taking pre-orders. They only have the model with the black case and special offers, but they are promising to have it delivered by Wednesday, 27 April.

You’ll have to pay $12 in shipping to get it delivered on Wednesday, but you’ll (hopefully) be one of the first to get a Kindle. And if you’re not in a hurry, Best Buy is saying that they’ll ship the Kindle Oasis for free and deliver it by Friday.

There’s no way to tell whether BB will live up to its promises, but I think it’s worth a shot, don’t you?

Launched earlier this month, the Kindle Oasis has a one-handed design with page turn buttons to one side of the screen, either left or right depending on your orientation.

It’s being pitched as having great battery life and being the thinnest Kindle ever, even though as a matter of fact the two statements cannot be true at the same time. The long battery life is provided by a battery-cover which negate the claim to thinness.

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Syn April 24, 2016 um 5:21 pm

I’m waiting to see if there is a hack to access the BT if it has it before I order. That is about the only thing it has that would make me order it.

Frank April 24, 2016 um 6:02 pm

The Kindle Oasis marketing does take some liberties in its advertising.

Nate Hoffelder April 24, 2016 um 6:36 pm

I was thinking of that article, yes.

BDR April 24, 2016 um 6:40 pm

"Great battery life"?? Reportedly, TWO Amazon weeks off cover and 7 Amazon weeks on cover (or about 30 hours). That’s barely more than Amazon’s current offerings. So, yeah it’s thin and oddly-shaped.

It still has no sdcard, it has limited on-bard storage AND it still has Amazon’s ridiculously crippled typography controls. On the OTHER hand, Boox Kepler is set to launch with a 300 ppi display, flush screen, 16gb storage, sdcard, page turn buttons AND — since it is an Android device — access to 3rd party reading software (and all the typography control that you want). No report on price yet but it should be shipping in May, apparently

It looks to me like this is what Amazon *should* have released as Voyage’s successor. I’m waiting to see the reviews.

Nate Hoffelder April 24, 2016 um 6:45 pm

I already posted on the Kepler. I like everything about it except for the lack of a one-handed design.

Basem April 24, 2016 um 8:40 pm

I wouldn’t purchase an Onyx 6 inch device; the quality control is likely to be poor and that puts you in a lot of problems with warranty claims. Amazon’s quality control, after sale support and warranty policy is better in every way. Also, Amazon & Kobo use very good quality e-ink screens, with very good contrast, and from experience, you don’t get that from re-branded Boyue or Onyx devices (Onyx devices are also re-branded). The only reason, in my opinion, to purchase an e-reader outside Kobo or Amazon, is for a larger size.Considering Amazon and Kobo regularly discount their e-readers, it is also cheaper to purchase from them (don’t forget delivery costs).

DavidW April 25, 2016 um 12:00 am

That was how I bought a Voyage. I literally walked into BB and bought one while it was back ordered on Amazon. The people at the store didn’t even realize that they had some in the back until I had them look. It wasn’t even on display.

Nate Hoffelder April 25, 2016 um 5:44 am

It’s also how I got the Fire last year. It was back-ordered on Amazon, and yet BB had bunches.

Will Entrekin April 25, 2016 um 8:27 am

From what I understand, Best Buy doesn’t put the Voyage on display like it does the Paperwhite/Fire, because it’s more expensive and they don’t want to burn inventory on a display device that they’ll later have to sell open box. I went in because I wanted to see if the Voyage was really any better than my Paperwhite — I wanted to actually handle one.

But I couldn’t, so I just went on Amazon and upgraded that Paperwhite to the newer one, rather than upgrading to the Voyage.

The only thing that really makes the situation better is that Amazon’s return policies are awesome. I could try out the Voyage and then return it. But then I feel bad in a way that I don’t if I showroom.

Will O’Neil April 25, 2016 um 11:00 pm

I’ve gotten notification from Amazon that my Oasis has shipped, due to deliver 27th.

Nate Hoffelder April 25, 2016 um 11:05 pm


Will O’Neil April 27, 2016 um 4:42 pm

Arrived 4PM on the 27th. Have had only a few minutes with it so far, but some first impressions: I like the buttons a lot, but default is reverse of Voyage for some reason, with the "ahead" button on top. At equal text size the display looks slightly crisper on the Oasis; can’t quite pin down why yet. Pleasant to hold with our without the cover.

Nate Hoffelder April 27, 2016 um 4:56 pm

Thanks, Will.

Whitney April 26, 2016 um 8:05 am

I ordered mine through Best Buy because the delivery date from Amazon was the last week of June. Mine shipped last night and is in transit to my town. I should get it tomorrow.

Nate Hoffelder April 26, 2016 um 8:30 am


Frank April 26, 2016 um 9:42 am

I ordered my Paperwhite, from last year from Best Buy. I had a gift card to use, and as a bonus BB shipped me the ads free version, when I ordered the ads version. I received it on-time.

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