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Do You Carry Your eReader Naked?

3 October, 2018 // 31 Comments

Yesterday's arrival of a Kobo Forma review unit got me thinking about cases. The review unit did not come with a case, which is a shame because I prefer to use cases on ereaders. Most ereaders now [Read More ...]

How Do You Listen to Audiobooks?

26 July, 2018 // 18 Comments

The recent revelation of Google making a play for the audiobook market with DRM-free audiobooks got me curious about audiobook consumption. Do you listen to audiobooks? How? I don't, and after being [Read More ...]

What is Your Favorite Reading App?

28 March, 2018 // 21 Comments

If you search in Google Play or iTunes for reading apps, you’ll find dozens, possibly hundreds of different apps to choose from (and that's just counting the apps for reading ebooks). Between [Read More ...]

Newsletters – Who Needs Them?

6 March, 2018 // 2 Comments

I have a question for you today concerning newsletters. I was reading someone's newsletter (I won't say who) on my smartphone this morning, or rather, I was struggling to read it, and that struggle [Read More ...]

Discussion: Do You Read in Bed?

6 November, 2017 // 20 Comments

The Guardian recently asked a vital and important question: How many of us still read in bed? It's 2017, and we have more digital distractions than ever. Between streaming videos, social media, old [Read More ...]

Who or What Are You Reading Right Now?

1 November, 2017 // 22 Comments

Every so often I have posted an open question asking what people are reading on, but I don't think I have ever asked about the content you are reading. So, readers - what are you reading right now? [Read More ...]

What Are You Reading On?

12 October, 2017 // 51 Comments

This Thursday morning finds me sitting here, waiting for my Kindle to install the latest firmware update. I'm looking forward to the new options for sizes and boldness, but while I am waiting I [Read More ...]
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